Our Philosophy

A critical area of our curriculum is helping children gain self-control.  This goal is best achieved in a loving, supportive environment where children are treated with respect and fairness.

Our philosophy on discipline is based on respect for the child.  The key to success for children is in preparing a supportive learning environment and using selective intervention to guide children in their behavior.  We believe that when the environment and activities are prepared, children can initiate their own play and exploration, and the need for teacher control is reduced. 

Our policy in helping in helping children gain self-control is to intervene and redirect energies before problems begin.  Our positive discipline approach consists of redirection, choices, consequences, warnings, supplying language, and problem-solving.  We cannot write enough guidelines to fit every child or situation.  Therefore, each child is treated as an individual, and parents are expected to work as partners with Destiny Christian Academy staff in helping the child practice self-discipline in the classroom. 

When an unacceptable behavior begins to occur at Destiny Christian Academy, the parents are asked to participate in a conference to develop a plan to correct the behavior in a positive way.  The plan will depend on the child and the situation. 

We recognize that children often respond to changes and situations they do not fully understand.  It is important that you keep Destiny Christian Academy staff informed of matters that may be affecting your child's behavior.  In this way, we can offer support when they are at our school. 

Our goal is to assist you in raising a happy, well-adjusted child.  We can accomplish this goal best through mutual respect and support.  We are confident that you, as a parent will give us that support.