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All payments are due in advance of provided service.  Families are not permitted to carry balance on tuition accounts.  Weekly payments are due on or before Monday of that week. 

Tuition is charged based on enrollment, not based on attendance.  No refunds will be issued for absenteeism or for closing due to inclement weather. 

Late payments will result in an additional fee of $15.00 per week.  Non-payment of tuition is grounds for immediate dismissal from the academy.  Timely payments are essential for continued enrollment.  However, if you anticipate difficulty with paying on time, please discuss the matter with the Director immediately. 


A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 and a one week security deposit is required at registration to secure enrollment space at Destiny Christian Academy.  However, the fee does not hold your spot if a waiting list exists.  In this case, tuition is due immediately as well.  This fee covers application charges and supplies.  The one week security deposit will be applied to your account once you have given a 30 day written notice of withdrawal.    


Families enrolling two children will receive a ten percent discount off the lowest tuition of the two children.  Families enrolling three or more children will receive a fifteen percent discount off the highest tuition of their children.

Absences / Vacation Credits

Destiny Christian Academy bases its operating costs on annual membership projections.  As a result, to assure the highest quality of staff personnel, equipment, and supplies on a continuous basis, we cannot offer tuition reductions for absence due to illness, holidays, natural disasters, etc.  Destiny Christian Academy offers families who are enrolled either full-time or part-time vacation credit.  After 9 months of continuous enrollment, two week's vacation credit per child may be awarded at the written request of the family.  The family will only be eligible for another two weeks vacation credit after another 9 months of continuous enrollment.  To receive this credit, the child(ren) may not attend during planned weeks of vacation.  This credit only applies to tuition fees.  If the vacation credit is not used in the calendar year, then it will not carry forward to future years.  In addition, this credit is non-transferable.  We require a two week notification in writing. 


If you desire to cancel enrollment you must give two weeks written notice.  If a notice is not given as described, you will be charged for two weeks of fees, based on an average week or at the Director's discretion. 

Extra Charges

Returned checks result in a $40.00 minimum charge.  Recurrent returned checks result in cash-only payment.

Punctuality is a crucial element in the operation of our ministry, and we ask for your cooperation in adhering to these hours.  Also, please be conscience of your child's schedule.  Late pick-up fees are $15.00 from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm and one dollar per minute thereafter.  These fees are due in cash upon pick-up of the child.  Late fees are assessed thereafter. 

Additional charges may be assessed for field trips, shirts, extra-curricular activities, and photography, etc.  T-shirts are required for attending field trips.   

Daily Sign-In and Sign-Out

Teachers will sign your child in and out each day.  Roll sheets are located in each of the classrooms.  When you bring your child to school, you also certify that to the best of your knowledge, your child is in good health and can participate fully in all activities. 

Parents are required to accompany their children into their classrooms.  It is important that children are aware that their parents are leaving.  While this acknowledgment may result in an occasional emotional upset, parents should take comfort in knowing that such separation anxiety usually ends by the time the parent reaches the front door. 

Parents are required to list the name, address, phone numbers, and driver's license number of each person other than the parent who is authorized to care for their child in an emergency.  Parents or any other person designated to pick up a child must be prepared to show picture identification to the Destiny Christian Academy staff.  Children are not released to any other person than named on the registration form, unless we have prior written request from the parent.  Children are not released to anyone younger than eighteen years old unless specified in a letter that is signed by the parent.