At Destiny Christian Academy, your child will participate in educational and faith-based activities throughout any given day.  This includes bible stories, Christian music, pretend play centers, and more.  It is important that all of our parents are aware of the curriculum used in their child's classroom, which is why we are making our resources available to parents as a way to help promote healthy development or child-rearing.  Feel free to discuss any topic of concerns with your child's teacher, we are here to help.  Parent / teacher conferences are offered as requested. 
Written curriculum plans are posted, as well as daily schedules in each room.  Ask your child's teacher for further details.  Our curriculum plans are based on developmentally appropriate practices and individual learning styles and needs.  By signing this parent handbook, all parents grant permission to Destiny Christian Academy to teach the curriculum described above. 
Our daily schedule provides balance of quiet and active, indoor and outdoor activities and child and adult initiated activities, as well as promoting gross and fine motor skills.  Our planned activities take into account the development of the children.  Please see the schedules posted in each classroom.